How To Upload Files To A Print Company

How do I upload my files to be printed by a print shop? We will explain how you can upload your documents & show a few photos of how to.

Does It cost a lot for a print shop to print my files? The average cost per page at print shops is about .50- .70 cent per page depending on the print shop you use & also the paper you choose.

How Do I Upload My Files To A Print Company?
 First You Have To Choose A Print Company
Some of the top print shops include Staples, Office Depot, & Fed Ex Office

Hey, These particular images are of Staples online printing service. Although we are showing you how Staples uploading system works, the many other popular printing company's use a similar type of uploading cart system.  If you plan on ordering, you should make a login profile to faster process your printing order.

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1. Select add files & browse through the files on your computer until you find the one you want to print from.

Tip: You should always store downloaded files in a place on your computer that you can easily find them.

2. When the box pops up after you select add files, then select upload file to proceed to finding your document for printing.

If you are using one of the other uploading methods, then select the one that best suits that way for you.

3. Select your file & press open so you can proceed to uploading your file.

Tip: It is best to print from PDF's for the best quality & format.

4. After choosing your file, select the upload button to start the uploading process of your file.

If you don't press upload, your file will just sit there.

5. When your file is uploading you will see the progress it is making.

We are uploading a custom invitation for a birthday party.

6. When the file is done uploading it will say upload completed successfully!

You will then press the done button to move to the next step.

7. Now you want to begin to make adjustments to the orientation of the page, color, & paper type.

This particular invitation is made to print in landscape format, so we have to change the format from portrait to landscape for a proper view.

8. Choose if you'd like your prints in black & white or choose color prints for your printing preferences.

9. Now that the orientation & color of the page is right, we want to select the type of paper we want our invitations printed on.

We are gonna choose a thick glossy paper for our invitations this time.

Tip: The price may vary for different paper types.

10. Select the quantity of prints you would like & watch the price as it changes.

We are going to want 10 invitation prints since there are 2 per page. That will give us 20 invitations.

11. Check your order & if you are satisfied with it, you can proceed to checkout & place your order.

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You can't go wrong with using a print company to handle your printing for you. Their quality is fantastic! Prints come out shiny, smooth, & very even. It is worth the price if you want professional looking quality for your party or event.

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