Places To Print Printables

I don't have a home printer, How do I print? You would have to save your files onto your computer & upload them to an office store site  or save them on a flash drive & take them to an office supply store.

Where can I print my printables? Don't fret, If you don't own a printer or if your current printer is on the blink, there are plenty of places that you can print out your newly purchased printable supplies. 

No Printer? No Problem
We know a few places that can print PDF's for you

Office Depot/ Office Max

If you are looking for good quality prints & copies, Office Depot Copy & Print Shop would be one of the best places to bring your file to. They also have a online system that lets you upload your files for shipping or pick up at your nearest store. If you'd like to order copies from Office Depot, They charge .59 cents per color copy. Office Depot also has thick 110lb card stock paper if you are looking for sturdy paper for banners or favor boxes. They have photo paper & thinner paper as well. You can also call one of their print specialists to ask about getting your files printed at 800-983-3376.

Staples Office Supply Store

Staples Copy & Print Center is a great place to order your copies from. They offer thick white card stock paper for printing your items on. You can choose card stock up to 110lbs when ordering prints from Staples Copy Center. The price is about .60 cent per page for color copies. You can call & email your file to them. They also offer a way for you to upload your file to them & choose the paper type you'd like.

The UPS Store

The UPS Store offers an online print service. When using UPS you would select the store that is closest to you & upload your files and choose your paper type. You would then pick them up from that store. You could also save your files onto a USB flash drive & take them to the UPS store & have them printed for you. The UPS Print Store has card stock paper of up to 80lbs & each color copy is .49 cent.

Fed Ex Office Store

If you're looking to save a little on your prints & copies, check out Fed Ex Office they are offering 15% Off With No Minimum for All Online Printing. You can also walk into your nearest store with your saved files on your USB flash drive & have them print your files for you. You can also upload your file to their system with the Fed Ex Self Print Service. You can also choose the paper type you want your printable printed on.

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