Blank Chip Bag Template
How to Create A Chip Bag Design of Your Own

Would you like to create your own chip bag templates? It's easy to do with our blank chip bag template & video tutorial instructions. You can create as many chip favor bag designs as you'd like or need. Our template is perfect for those that want to make them for business needs or personal occasions. All you need is Microsoft Office Word of any year. Some functions may be different looking on your version, but overall the program works the same.

how to make your own chip bags

Order A Blank Chip Bag Template & Video Tutorial Instant Download

  • Microsoft Office Template
  •  Blank Chip Bag &  Video Tutorial
  • Print Bag Designs Onto 8.5x11 inch Glossy Flyer Paper 120g -150g 

Designs you make & print will fit:

1 oz bags of chips, mini cereal bags, packaged mini donuts, packaged candy, cotton candy, packaged mini pretzels, 1 oz bags of mini cookies, popcorn, crackers, graham crackers, nuts, gifts, toys, & anything else you can think of.

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