Best Printing Paper For Printables

best printing paper

Find the best printing paper for your printing project.

There is a variety of paper that is made for printing your documents onto. There are so many that it may be confusing as to which paper type to print your party printables or invitations onto.

Here we will tell you about the different types of paper that you can use when you are ready to start printing.  If you'd like to know more about what printer works best for printing printables see right here.

What's The Best Printing Paper To Use?
That all depends on what you'd like to print. Here are some suggestions.

Plain White Paper

This kind of paper is thin and great for printing office documents , printable games sheets, flyers, & resumes. This kind of paper is not good for printing printable party supplies on, due to how thin & flimsy it can be. This paper is not sturdy for folding or hanging printables. This paper also causes printers to print the colors that are not so bright as the rest.

Glossy Flyer Paper

This type of paper is glossy on both sides. Glossy flyer paper is the best printing paper for printing candy bar wrapper favors or printable chip favor bags. This type of paper take some time to dry if printing with an inkjet printer. Laser printers works great when printing this type of paper & does not streak like inkjet due to the toner used.

Card Stock Paper

When using card stock you have to look for which weight you want. The paper weight determines how thick the paper will be. For study party decorations during assembly, it is better to use a thicker paper weight. Regular card stock paper usually has paper weights that are between 65-110lb in office supply stores.

You can find thicker paper in online paper stores. 110lb works great for banners, favors, hats, napkin rings, cupcake toppers, treat bag topper, & boxes.  If your printer can't handle a paper weight that is thick, then you should choose a smaller paper weight when printing. Card stock paper will print bright colors depending on the type of printer you have.

Some of the top printer paper brands include: Hp, Epson, & Neenah. Store brand paper works great as well. Check out staples office supplies store for top paper brands. See what we think the best home printers are.

Matte Photo Paper

Matte paper has a non glossy finish. It comes in different paper weights too. You can usually find the paper weights & thickness by looking at the sides or on the front of the packaging.  You would be looking for stars. 5 stars usually means that it is the thickest quality. Printing on this type of paper makes printing colors look brighter than card stock or plain paper. This kind of paper is good for printing invitations, party hats, thank you tags, & bottle labels.

Glossy Photo Paper

If you're looking to have a more professional looking quality for your printables, this is the best printing paper type to use. Photo paper usually looks best & looks more smoother without any streaking when printing. If you use thicker quality photo paper it is more sturdier & holds better. This kind of paper is great for printing invitations & signs for your events.

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