Ideas for The Best Home Printers

When looking for the best home printers for your office, your tend you have questions like...What's the difference between inkjet & laser printers?

That's a question that a lot of you would like to know, especially when you like to print out cool printables like we do!

Which printer is better & less costly to use? We will describe the types of printers that we have used for our printables & which printers are more cost effective with good print quality.

Some of the top printer brands for homes or small offices include: Hp, Epson, & Brother.

What's The Best Home Printers To Use?
 Here are some suggestions to help you in choosing

Inkjet Printers

The Epson inkjet printer is the printer that we currently use for printing out our set up & displays.
cartridges usually run between the prices of $23.00-27.00 for color ink & $36.00-40.00 for black ink. Inkjet printer cartridges have to be changed more often than laser printer ink cartridges which is something to think about when deciding which type is the best home printers you'd like. The cost can run anywhere between 5-10 cents per printed page.

Epson printers usually use between 4-6 ink cartridges depending on which printer you choose. This printer has two paper trays, but you will decide what size printer will best suits your printing needs. There is one paper tray in the front for plain thin paper & one tray in the back for the best printing paper thicker paper or photo paper. The Epson printer is <b>great for basic printing needs & the occasional printable craft job. The setup instructions are pretty easy after you pop in the installation CD.

Laser Jet Printers

If you like to print more than the basic amount of cute & colorful paper items, you might want to choose a laser printer. Laser printers will print faster than inkjet printers & you get more use from the toner cartridges than inkjet printer cartridges. 

Laser printers & toner are a little more pricier than inkjet printers & ink. Toner cartridges can cost anywhere from $70.00-200.00 for a small home or office printer. Laser printers can use 2-6 toner cartridges. Even though laser printer ink is more expensive, it will last longer of up to a year or more depending on the printers size.

You also save more money per printed page. Laser printed pages could run from 2-4-cents per sheet. Laser is the best route to choose when you want waterproof & smudge free prints. Inkjet pages can smudge if you touch the paper before the ink is dry.

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