Printable Baby Shower Gift Bag Labels

Printable baby shower gift bag labels can fit 1 oz bags of individually prepackaged foods like chips or cookies, plus a few additional treat items before needing to be sealed closed. The bags on this page are for baby showers only.

Our designers can also make your party ideas come to life. They can create any themed printable chip bag that you can dream of.

Printable custom party favor bags are perfect for dry treats like...

1 oz bags of chips, packaged mini donuts, packaged candy, cotton candy, packaged mini pretzels, 1 oz bags of mini cookies, popcorn, crackers, graham crackers, nuts, gifts, toys, & anything else you can think of.

Click Here To Order Personalized Bag Designs Starting at $12.99!

Order Our Pre-Made Chip Bag Instant Downloads Below

  • PDF Instant Downloads - These are not real chip bags
  • Print Bag Designs Onto 8.5x11 inch Glossy Flyer Paper 120g -150g
  • Click Photos To View Low Quality Image Samples Below


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Gentleman Black Gold

Princess Peach Teal Gold

Twins Peach Teal Gold

Hollywood Star Pink Black

Gentleman Black Blue Gold

Gentleman Black Silver

Gentleman Black Baby Blue

Gentleman Black Purple

Gentleman Black Silver 2

Gender Reveal Teal Purple

Gender Reveal Teal Purple 2

Gender Reveal Pink Blue

Hollywood Black Blue Gold

Diva Baby Yellow Silver

Heaven Sent Purple Silver

Princess Purple Turquoise

Princess Purple Turquoise 2

Princess Purple Turquoise 3

Baby CO. Tiff Blue

Baby CO. Tiff Blue 2

Baby CO. Tiff Blue 2

Baby CO. Tiff Blue 2

Carnival Pink Teal Yellow

Spa Day

Spa Day 2

Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink 2


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

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