Printable Sloth Party Supplies

Printable sloth party supplies and decorations, that you can use to create a fab & stylish looking celebration. This printable sloths animal themed kit is hand designed with brown, taupe, teal, olive green, & lime green, colors for a cool completed look.

This sloth birthday party decoration pack is printable, and would be awesome looking when placed around themed featured party tables & guests areas. Solid color or matching balloons, table clothes, streamers, & other decorating accessories can be added to make this fun theme eye catching.

Our sloth party theme idea is made with sloth party banners, balloons, trees, sloths, party hats, and cool colors. Your sloth theme idea can stand out with the use of this sloths party theme.

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  3. PRINT - Open with Adobe PDF Reader & set printer properties for paper type you're using
  4. PAPER TYPE 8.5x11 inch - For bags, bottle, & candy bar labels use glossy flyer paper 120-180grms. For banner letters, boxes, & all the rest, it's best to use 110lb white card-stock paper.
  5. TRIM - Trim out your printables with scissors & assemble with glue stick or tape.
  6. DECORATE - Place your printable decoration around party areas.
  7. NO PRINTER? NO PROBLEM - Save your file onto a FLASH DRIVE and take or EMAIL to your nearest copy shop, staples etc.

Printable  Sloth Themed Birthday Decorations

Non-Editable PDF File Includes 29 Pages Party Decor + 48 Banner Pages/Decor + Chip Treat Favor Bag + Instructions:

  1. 8.5x11 Inch banner letters A-Z, 0-9, th st nd rd
  2. 8.5x11 Inch Bunting Decor Flags 9 Designs
  3. Napkin Rings 2 Designs
  4. Drink & bottle labels 3 Designs
  5. Food & Place Cards 1 Design
  6. 5 & 3 Inch party circle decoration 5 Designs
  7. Standard cone party hat 1 Design
  8. Mini cone bottle topper hats 2 Designs
  9. 8x8 Inch Centerpiece & decor circle 1 Design
  10. 5x8.5 Inch Treat/Chip Bag fits 1 oz snack bags
  11. Snack & favor box 1 Design
  12. Candy bar wrapper party favor 1 Design
  13. Cupcake toppers / Tags 3 Designs
  14. 4.5x7 Inch Trifold/Flat invitations 1 Design
  15. Sloth Cutout Decoration 13 Designs
  16. 8.5x11 Signs 4 Designs
  17. 8.5x10 Inch party signage 7 Designs
  18. Tags 1 Design
  19. 8x8 Inch Centerpiece & decor circle 1 Design
  20. 5x8.5 Inch Treat/Chip Bag fits 1 oz snack bags

Full instructions included - Enjoy Unlimited Party Printing - Print as many as you need to style your party year after year. See Our Terms Of Use. Made for Personal Use Only for Decoration & Parties No Commercial Use

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