Tips On How To Sell Party Printables
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We The tips seen here are to help or guide you a bit on how to sell party printables and promote your affiliate links.

We all can get a bit exited to stat selling products, but it's best that you get your journey of selling digital goods started  off the right way.

You Need A PayPal Account

What good is selling products if you can't get paid? The first thing you are going to need is a PayPal account. This is how you get paid & this is where your payment money will be sent from the sales that you make through your affiliate links. If you don't have an account, you should sign up for one before you begin selling any digital items.

Website, Blogs, & Social Media

To begin selling affiliate products you are going to need a platform to host your affiliate links on. You can have a blog, a website that is paid or free, you can also use your social media community to post your affiliate links to. Your audience should be those who love to party, parents, & family's.

A good way to bring in viewers is to write pages about the themes of the party supplies your are going to be promoting. Give a few ideas to your readers about printable decorations, games, activities, & foods they can use to make their theme party a blast. Include your affiliate link along with photos of the supplies & a description of whats included in the printable pack. You could even offer a free few downloads to help encourage your visitors to be more inclined to make a purchase.

When promoting/advertising on your platform, please remember to specify that the party supplies are of digital nature to be downloaded to a computer instantly. Make it very clear to visitors & future customers that no physical products will be delivered to their postal address

Use Your Unique Affiliate Link In The Following Places

  • Write a blog post about party printables.  It will be all the more effective if you tell your readers how to use the printables & how they are saving money by purchasing printables that can be printed as many time as needed.  Pictures are powerful!
  • Send out a mailing to your newsletter list letting your followers know about your party printables.
  • Put an ad on your site.  Feel free to use any of the images on our product page for your ad, or create your own.
  • Add a little blurb about the product at the bottom of relevant posts that are already on your blog.
  • Share your affiliate link on your social media.
  • Offer a special bonus like a free printable of your own to those who purchase printables through your link.

Get Your Visitors Interested

The best way to get your viewers interested in purchasing party printables, so that you can earn commission, is to let them know what they’ll get before making a purchase. Tell your viewers why you think it is great to use party printables for their celebration. Give ideas for using party printables or write a page on your blog or website about party ideas that they can use with the specific theme you are promoting.

  • If you'd like a list of items that are included in each printable party pack, simply pay a visit to the specific product page on this site, so that you can list what included on your own webpages. 

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